Announcing “The Community Edition”

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 6.16.25 PMWe are very pleased today to announce  the launch of a global, collaborative project for gathering lessons in entrepreneurship from world-leading practitioners, using the innovative digital publishing platform Weeva.

Weeva’s clients range from consumers who wish to celebrate a person, place, or event to companies that wish to do the same. Weeva is a member of the Capital Factory accelerator headquartered in Austin, Texas.

As Kim Gorsuch, founder and CEO, likes to say, Weeva is “the exact opposite of Twitter.” Why? As Kim continues “Our books collect personal experience and add depth, meaning, and nuance to life.”

That’s exactly what we were looking for, in terms of a publishing partner! The Weeva project, titled Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition, is free to use and immediately available.

Experienced entrepreneurs, as well as first-time founders, are encouraged to share their own personal stories, amplifying and expanding the Ebook. We hope to see your voice represented in the Community.


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