Emily Savage

WIMG_3667ith the exciting introduction of the Ebook and Community Edition this week, you may be asking: “Who is behind all of this online activity?”

Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Emily Savage and I’m managing the website and social media for Naturally Caffeinated: Addicted to Entrepreneurship.

I am interning this summer for Powershift Group performing research, social media, and marketing project work. I’m an incoming junior at Vanderbilt University, double majoring in Human and Organizational Development as well as Spanish, with a minor in Corporate Strategy.

Human and Organizational Development (HOD) is a major unique to Vanderbilt that focuses on teaching students to manage and solve problems within an organization. The international track of HOD, along with a Spanish double major, gives me a perspective on the foreign business that Powershift Group does operating in both China and the U.S.

Working as the “voice of NCtheBook” – which is the ID we are using across our social media, like TwitterFacebook, and Instagram – is a great learning experience. Getting to gather wisdom and experience from very talented entrepreneurs both within Powershift as well as other companies has already been eye opening to the fascinating world of startups, not to mention the great community here in Austin.

I will be managing the development of this website and blog, as well as the Weeva-powered Community Edition. So, please feel free to contact me with any questions using the contact page. And thank you for downloading and sharing the book, as well as adding your voice to the Community!


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