Initial Contributions: Nancy Schreiber

As the Naturally Caffeinated Community Edition continues to grow, there has Picturebeen an influx of great advice. Last week, we highlighted Ben Dyer’s contribution. This week, we want to highlight a different contribution by Dr. Nancy Schreiber in the “Up With People” thread.

As Dean of the Bill Munday School of Business at St. Edward’s University, Dr. Schreiber works with people all day long. In fact, she has said the people aspect is her favorite part of her job. She brings a different perspective on the topic as she is experienced working with a diverse range of individuals at a university, not a typical business.

Her post stresses letting people know they are important. She says it is vital to build a relationship with employees and anyone else you work with. She discussed setting clear expectations and having open communication, but making sure this is done in a manner so that each team member knows how they make a difference.

You can view the whole post here.

We welcome other shared advice and lessons learned on the Community Edition.


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