Initial Contributions: David Altounian

imagesAs the number of contributions to the Naturally Caffeinated: Community Edition on Weeva continues to grow, so does the great advice the contributors are giving.

Dr. David Altounian is the highlight for today. As an entrepreneur himself, possessing a doctorate with a concentration in entrepreneurship, and also being a professor of entrepreneurship, there is no doubt that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the subject.

He posted in the popular “Strategy Matters” thread, saying that so many people want to rush directly into building a business, especially with the widespread popularity of the lean startup model.

However, he believes in a slightly more fine-tuned strategy. He advocates the value of taking the time to plan out a business model with time-sensitive goals. Even a basic plan allows the company to have focus and direction while also keeping the company on track with the time-oriented goals.

To read his entire post and others, you can view (and add to) the Community Edition here.


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