Contributor Feature: Andrew Chen

Andrew+ChenAmong the great things about the contributions by guests to Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition has been not only the concrete advice, but also the personal anecdotes. One in particular under the “Pivotal Moments” thread comes from Andrew Chen.

Andrew is currently Director of Product Management for the Healthcare Group of Cognitive Scale.  But, he also has a vast experience base, both developing software and leading software companies.

Andrew was employee #8 at Bazaarvoice and its first product manager. He was with BVI for more than seven years, seeing it grow from a tiny startup with a handful of dedicated “starters,” to a publicly traded, international operation with hundreds of employees. His guest contribution to The Community Edition recounts a personal anecdote from his early days as a Bazaarvoice product manager.

In this case, a product design misstep that teetered on being a user experience “disaster” at first, eventually led to a solution that not only turned around the misstep, but became a high-value winning addition to the software. The solution solved their problem at hand and also generated millions in recurring revenue for years to come. You can read Andrew’s “Pivotal Moment” reflection here.

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