Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do Podcast


“Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do”, hosted by Thom Singer is a podcast that uses interviews with businesspeople and entrepreneurs to spread stories and inspiration. Thom interviews different entrepreneurs about their personal backgrounds as well as specific entrepreneurship topics.

Thom Singer featured Naturally Caffeinated author Steve Guengerich on his podcast “Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do.”

Thomas and Steve talk about Steve’s entrepreneurial journey from the start. They discuss past ventures Steve has been a part of, his position now, and ultimately the Naturally Caffeinated Ebook and Community Project.

Steve mentions multiple times the importance of giving back and “paying it forward”. In addition to being an active mentor at the Capital Factory, the Ebook and Community Edition are ways he is trying to foster entrepreneurial spirit and help new startups along the way.

The discussion inevitably turns to the important role of mentors for entrepreneurs. They discuss how the culture in Austin tends to foster a very mentor-friendly environment where most are willing to share their knowledge. In places that might not be so startup friendly, Steve talks about how to find other mentor resources both in a business and online.

The podcast is a great highlight to learn more about the Naturally Caffeinated author, as well as the reasons behind the Ebook and Public Project.

To listen to the full podcast, click on this  linkAnd, we hope you will join us in being a regular listener of the “Cool Things” program!


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