Halfway There: Time to Pay It Forward!

dispatch_halfway-thereToday marks the halfway point for guest contributions to The Community Edition for Naturally Caffeinated.

August 14 is the final deadline for all guest contributions. At that point, we will close the Weeva community, so that the Weeva editorial team can begin the content review, layout, and book production process.

That provides them and us adequate time to have print copies of the book ready by mid-September for the Naturally Caffeinated launch party — more on that Friday!

So, if you have received an invitation to be a guest contributor OR you are an experienced entrepreneur who would like to “pay it forward” with advice or lessons learned for other first-time founders and others new to entrepreneurship, then time to put it on your TO DO list for this weekend.

It’s easy as ABC: just (a) go to this link (b) choose a thread (c) create your profile and write.

If you have a case of “writer’s block,” then here are a few prompts that might help unblock your brain. Feel free to respond to any (or all!) of them.
  1. What is a common theme across all of the entrepreneurial situations you have been part of through the years that assured a higher likelihood of success?
  2. What are the 2-3 most common mistakes you see from first-time founders / new entrepreneurs and what advice would you give them to avoid or quickly correct?
  3. What are 2-3 most important lessons you have learned about product or service design and are there any particular techniques you employ to help you get to the best solution as fast (and cheaply) as possible?!
As you will see The Community Edition already has had some outstanding guest contributors add their wisdom to it. We hope to see many more over the remaining 4 1/2 weeks!

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