“Built In Austin” Feature

built-in-austinThe Naturally Caffeinated: Community Edition was the subject of a great article this week entitled “5 Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur from Austin’s Ambassador of Tech,” by Built in Austin.

“Built In Austin” is an online publication and community for Austin startups and entrepreneurs. It hosts live events in addition to featuring news, job opportunities, and more on their website. With almost 9,000 members, it has become an important online hub for the Austin startup scene.

In a preview of the Naturally Caffeinated Ebook (available for free, by clicking on this link), author Steve Guengerich picks out 5 of the more important and universal tips for being a successful entrepreneur.

After giving his own tips and talking about the Ebook, Steve discusses the open online platform called The Community Edition, where experienced entrepreneurs from around Austin and the world are sharing their advice on a variety of different topics.

If you are an experienced entrepreneur, join Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition visiting the website, hosted on Weeva, and add your voice to the growing community of experts!


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