New Threads

As the Naturally Caffeinated: Community Edition project reached the halfway point last week, we want to highlight some great new thread topics that have been started.

Within the pasNew threadst week, there have been six new thread topics. Among the other important thread topics, some new ones include: “Women and Entrepreneurship,” “The Importance of Networking,” “The Equity Equation,” “Youth Are The Future,” “Professionally Persistent,” and “Paths of Entrepreneurship.”

While these subjects may be less obvious entrepreneurship topics, they are extremely important. These threads dive even deeper into the entrepreneurial mind, and bring up great points of advice. They expand upon the obvious topics entrepreneurs need to know about and get into the nuances.

Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.48.51 AMEntrepreneurship is a field that is constantly expanding and revamping. It is important to not only feature advice from the steady topics in entrepreneurship (such as finance), but also look into what the future might be like for entrepreneurs and how to adapt to changing circumstances.

If any of these threads resonate with you, please share your advice with us by clicking on this link and join the project!


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