Contributor Feature: Suzi Sosa

Many new threads have been added to Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition. One new thread with a great contribution we want to highlight today is Suzi Sosa’s contribution to “Women in Entrepreneurship.”suzisosa1

Entrepreneurship used to be a traditionally male-dominated field. Recently however, the startup community has seen an increased number of women entrepreneurs. Women are a vital part of the entrepreneurship world, which we hope to convey with the “Women in Entrepreneurship” thread.

No one is more qualified to discuss women in entrepreneurship than Suzi Sosa. Not only is she a successful woman entrepreneur herself, but her business Verb, inc. aims to further social entrepreneurship.

In her contribution, she dives into the controversial question of whether or not women’s personalities hinder them from wanting to be startup founders. Is it that women are more risk averse than men? She compares starting a company to the analogy of a home-improvement project where the man tries to just “figure it out,” while the women looks for instructions first.

She continues on to discuss not just the biological differences that might make men or women more predisposed to starting a company, but telling women how they can channel the important traits of being an entrepreneur and be successful.

You can read her full post here.

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