The Top Ten Quotes From The Naturally Caffeinated Book: Community Edition

Award-winning author and Powershift Principal, Steve Guengerich, is throwing a launch party for a new book celebrating entrepreneurship. With contributions by more than 65 entrepreneurs from Austin and around the world, the book – Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition – will debut at the reception. The reception is on Friday, September 18th 5:30pm-7:30pm, on the Powershift Group rooftop terrace, at 1300 Guadalupe Street.

More than 100 Austin-area entrepreneurs, community leaders, and other VIPs are expected to attend, including: SXSW Interactive’s Hugh Forrest; Bazaarvoice Vice Chairman and Co-Founder, Brett Hurt; Perficient Co-Founder, Bryan Menell; mentors, directors and partners from the city’s leading incubator/accelerator programs Capital Factory, Tech Ranch, UnLtdUSA, and Impact Hub, among many others.

A portion of the reception ticket sales will benefit TEDxYouth@Austin’s February 2016 event, providing at least 20 scholarships to high school students in the Greater Austin area to attend the TEDx program.

To help share our support and enthusiasm for the upcoming launch party, we’ve compiled a sneak peek of some key advice that stood out from the book contributions:

  1. While there are metrics that you can identify and follow to determine your progress towards profitability or traction, it is ultimately a completely subjective decision as to whether or not to continue.
    – Hugh Forrest, South by Southwest
  2. It’s no secret that now, consumers have all the information they need to make purchase decisions- or any decisions at all, right in the palm of their hands. The marketing of today gives decision-making power to the people.
    – Christa Freeland, Powershift Group
  3. Slow down and think and everyone will be better off, better informed, and have more time for more important things than going back and forth with each other all day.
    – Gary Hoover, The Spark Factory
  4. I define an entrepreneur as someone who wants to fix a problem, rather than wait for someone else to fix it for them.
    – Joseph Kopser, RideScout
  5. My experience is that, time and again, an entrepreneur becomes more resilient when he or she is following what they care about most deeply – what is really in their heart – by considering the social impact of their work and building it into their startup.
    – Kevin Koym, Tech Ranch Austin
  6. My main advice to someone with an idea is to “make that idea” …physically create it by cooking, hammering, mixing, or stitching it to the point where you can test it.
    – Shari Wynne Ressler, SKU
  7. You want to encourage people to really listen, participate, observe, converse, and educate themselves—all of that will help decide which position to take and when.
    – Steve Papermaster, Powershift Group
  8. There are not many absolute guarantees in regards to starting companies. But one absolute is that it always takes longer to build your business and it will always take more money that you estimate you need!
    – Bob Smith, Bridgepoint Consulting
  9. I say: “Be aware of who you are.” Ask other people you trust, their opinion. As a result of those discussions, understand your deficiencies. Find ways to compensate for and overcome them. It may take a day or it make take ten years.
    – Hank Stringer, Stringer Executive Research
  10. Once you embrace the idea that whatever vision you originally created for your company may not be the one that carries you to success, then the easier it becomes to guide your company toward a productive destination.
    – Ed Taylor, The Collective Group

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