Diversity in Abundance

65plusThere is a lot of talk about diversity in the tech industry these days.

As a Medium post by Steven Levy asserts, the lack of diversity in Silicon Valley isn’t just about race and gender, it’s about age as well.

When we sought the contributors for Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition, we intended – from the very beginning – to represent diverse experiences in abundance.

Bob Inman-larger-1So, on the one end of the age spectrum, you’ll read the stories from members of the 65+ generation like Jimmy Treybig (founder of Tandem Computers) and Admiral Bobby Inman (leader of MCC).

While on the other end, you’ll read the stories of teenagers like Campbell Erickson and Rohit Srinivasan, young leaders for TEDxYouth@Austin for the 2015-2016 year.

There are ATX’rs, but there are also East and West coasters, as well as internationalists, like Barrett Parkman. There are men and women, contributors of different racial, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds…and so on.

But why does age – or any other measure of diversity – matter anyhow?

I like what Doc Searls had to say:

“For individuals, demographics are absurd. None of us are an age, much less a range of them. We’re animals who live and work and have fun and do stuff. Eventually we croak, but if we stay healthy we acquire wisdom and experience, and find ourselves more valuable over time.”

And that – dear reader – was our one and only objective in The Community Edition. That is, to do our very best to capture the “wisdom and experience” from an array of entrepreneurs.

For first-time founders, students of entrepreneurship, or life-long learners – like I try to be – we hope you buy a copy of the book and find value in its pages, as many have told us they have!


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