The Perfect VIP Gift

NC giftIf you are a business owner, chances are you appreciate your best customers.

And, every year, when the holiday season comes, you want to take an extra moment to thank them for their patronage.

But, it’s hard to find something you can buy that is distinctive.

Well, this year, our publisher, Weeva, has teamed up with us to produce a gift promotion that provides that distinctive edge.

With a minimum order of just 10 copies of Naturally Caffeinated we will produce a cover with your company brand and add up to ten pages of custom content.

You can reflect on the year’s highlights, write about plans for the coming year, or simply thank your customers and your team for their loyalty.

View the details online. If interested, contact us ASAP – deadline November 15 – so we can be sure to customize, order and ship the books in time for the holidays!


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