Wrap-Up of TEDxYouth@Austin: In the Name of Innovation

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Thanks to the devoted passion of its student and volunteer leaders, paired with the drive for innovation from its sponsors, the fourth annual TEDxYouth@Austin experience was a resounding success this past Saturday, February 13, 2016.

Speakers, entrepreneurs, performers, and energized students alike, all gathered at the Westlake High School Performing Arts Center with one goal in mind: to share ideas.

The annual, local, self-organized, youth-driven event is just one out of more than 11,000 TEDx events held worldwide. This year, more than 1,000 passionate attendees from 85 Central Texas schools came together to share and learn what they love.

Sarah Hernholm, entrepreneur, teen coach, speaker, and founder of Doing Whatever It Takes and 360 Self Inc., reminded the many creative minds in the audience that when they are inventing, “The journey, and the space in between, is just as valuable as the answers.”

In the beautiful chaos of creation, one can often become too immersed in the goal of success, losing sight of the importance that is the process to attain it.

TEDx Austin sarah hernholm

This idea is something that lead author, Steve Guengerich, and the various successful entrepreneurs, featured in  Naturally Caffeinated, know all too well. That is why we were thrilled to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to sponsor this year’s TEDxYouth@Austin 2016 program.

Our sponsorship, along with that of lead sponsor Entrepreneur’s Foundation and many others, gave curious students one-of-a-kind opportunities, like the interactive xLabThe xLab installations were designed to give students a hands- on experience with new technologies and concepts; perhaps even igniting an idea or two.

Rick Tumlinson’s stories of asteroid mining and space were another highlight moment of the many talks, stressing the importance of creative thinking and idea generation. As Rick said, describing a better tomorrow: “The future we give everybody can be incredible. It can be magnificent. And you can make it happen.”

TEDx Austin Rick Tumlinson

In conclusion, we are honored and humbled to have played a small role in an event that does so much for the personal and global development of Austin’s teenagers, all the while encouraging active thinking on current topics that affect people and the community.

Thank you to everyone who attended, organized, contributed, and participated in TEDxYouth@Austin 2016! From all of us here in Austin, we hope you will join us next year in the grand spirit of TED’s “Ideas worth sharing.”


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