The WIT Rosetta Stone

fullsizerenderAs some may already know, profits from the paperback Digest edition of Naturally Caffeinated go to supporting Whatever It Takes (WIT).

Based in San Diego, with locations in St. Louis, Austin, and New York City, WIT is the only 6-unit college credit social entrepreneur and leadership program in the country. So, please spend $10 to buy a copy of The Digest, if you haven’t yet!

When you do, one of the things you will notice is how nicely the core principles of WIT and The Digest dovetail. At WIT, these principles are communicated as Tips, of which there are 11.

img_9646For The Digest, these principles are communicated through the lessons learned and first-person stories, across 7 chapters.

For WIT students, alumni, or others curious, the following list is a Rosetta Stone of sorts, mapping each of WIT’s tips with a couple of lessons from The Digest.

It provides a pathway moving from learning about entrepreneurship in high school, to putting in action in the workplace as a young professional

Tip #1 – It’s a Choice

  • There Is Only One Reason Why, pp. 1
  • Advisors Inform. You Decide, pp. 55

Tip #2 – 10-10-10

  • Sleep On It, pp. 51
  • Work Quickly, pp. 52

Tip #3 – Can’t Want It More than You

  • When You Fail, Do More than Learn from It, pp. 54
  • There’s One More Thing We Can Try…, pp. 56

Tip #4 – Showing Up

  • Know the Lean DIET, pp. 4
  • Know Your Percentages When Negotiating, pp. 29

Tip #5 – Own It

  • Honesty. Don’t Fool Yourself, pp. 50
  • Don’t Lie, pp. 53

Tip #6 – Live in Alignment

  • When You Hire, Hire More for Resilience Than Skill, pp. 40
  • You Can Change Attitudes, pp. 42

Tip #7 – Step Into Your Greatness

  • Fit, pp. 8
  • Accept Criticism, pp. 41

Tip #8 – Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Connect to Value, pp. 7
  • Go Deep and Wide with Relationships, pp. 37

Tip #9 – KISS

  • Business Models Don’t Have to Be Complex, pp. 3
  • Always Take a Backup, pp. 36

Tip #10 – Make an Impression

  • Proofread, pp. 33
  • Write Smart, pp. 35

Tip #11 – Finish Strong

  • Anything Measured Improves, pp. 49
  • Always Be Pitching, pp. 67

One more thing, if you prefer Ebooks, then you can download a FREE, digital copy of The Digest.

We hope you enjoy!


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