Hernholm Hits the MBC. And So Does NC!

In October, we were pleased to have a role if bringing Sarah, CEO of WIT, to Austin to speak to the Metropolitan Breakfast Club.

The MBC, as its known to most, is among the longest-running weekly breakfast clubs in Austin.


Spirited, welcoming, sharp-witted, and always enjoyable, the members of the MBC are ever a delight to breakfast with and present to…even with a start time before dawn, during half the year!

Sarah brought her “A” game and spoke, as she always does, passionately about the value and importance of developing our youth, which is WIT’s mission through its entrepreneurship programs.


At the close, the MBC leaders allowed us an extra moment for a public ceremony to give Sarah a “big check” for $1,000 for WIT scholarships, from proceeds of The Digest sales from Naturally Caffeinated.

Thank you MBC. Thank you Sarah. And thank you to everyone who has supported the charitable giving from Naturally Caffeinated series, by purchasing a copy of any of the books.


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