Innovation Ebook: An IGNITE Collaboration

nc-ebook-coverWe’re thrilled to announce Corporate Innovation: Best Practices for Leveraging Startup Ecosystems & Igniting New Ideas, available immediately for download!

It is the third Ebook from the Naturally Caffeinated series. (The other two being Women In Tech and The Digest.)

It is also a unique collaboration with David Neff and Randal Moss, the authors of the great new book: IGNITE: Setting Your Culture on Fire with Innovation.


The Ebook is roughly divided into three sections:

  1. changes in corporate innovation, brought on by the disruptive force of early-stage startups
  2. best practices in corporate innovation
  3. the new role of startup ecosystems — like Capital Factory in Austin, Texas — as corporate innovation partners.

These startups ecosystems are a new form of R&D network, increasingly essential to corporate innovation initiatives. Perhaps the best example of such a network is the Startup Federation, formalized earlier this year.

Please download the Ebook and share it. A big “Thanks!” to Capital Factory for supporting the effort. We look forward to hearing from you!


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