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BookPeople Is the Best!

BookPeople in Austin is the best!


During the 2016 holiday season, they offered us some shelf space in the business and management books section.

This isn’t normally an option, as Naturally Caffeinated was published using a new self-publishing, on-demand platform from our publisher, Weeva.


We only stocked a handful of copies as a test. But, it was a nice gesture and great visibility.

BookPeople: you’re awesome! Thank you Michael and crew!!

#buylocal #buyBookPeople !!



IGNITE Book Signing

In late November, we were pleased to support author and collaborator, David Neff, at a book signing reception for his latest book IGNITE.


Good food, drink, and friends, brought together by the great staff at the University of Texas Coop store on Guadalupe.

I have a copy of the IGNITE and, as you can see from my bookmarks, I’ve found it full of useful tips, quotable lessons, and practical advice on the topic of corporate innovation.


Get a copy: it will save you hours of consulting time (and the associated fees!) all for the cost of an equivalent 10 billable minutes from a McKinsey & Co. junior associate.

Buy your copy at the IGNITE website!

Hernholm Hits the MBC. And So Does NC!

In October, we were pleased to have a role if bringing Sarah, CEO of WIT, to Austin to speak to the Metropolitan Breakfast Club.

The MBC, as its known to most, is among the longest-running weekly breakfast clubs in Austin.


Spirited, welcoming, sharp-witted, and always enjoyable, the members of the MBC are ever a delight to breakfast with and present to…even with a start time before dawn, during half the year!

Sarah brought her “A” game and spoke, as she always does, passionately about the value and importance of developing our youth, which is WIT’s mission through its entrepreneurship programs.


At the close, the MBC leaders allowed us an extra moment for a public ceremony to give Sarah a “big check” for $1,000 for WIT scholarships, from proceeds of The Digest sales from Naturally Caffeinated.

Thank you MBC. Thank you Sarah. And thank you to everyone who has supported the charitable giving from Naturally Caffeinated series, by purchasing a copy of any of the books.

The WIT Rosetta Stone

fullsizerenderAs some may already know, profits from the paperback Digest edition of Naturally Caffeinated go to supporting Whatever It Takes (WIT).

Based in San Diego, with locations in St. Louis, Austin, and New York City, WIT is the only 6-unit college credit social entrepreneur and leadership program in the country. So, please spend $10 to buy a copy of The Digest, if you haven’t yet!

When you do, one of the things you will notice is how nicely the core principles of WIT and The Digest dovetail. At WIT, these principles are communicated as Tips, of which there are 11.

img_9646For The Digest, these principles are communicated through the lessons learned and first-person stories, across 7 chapters.

For WIT students, alumni, or others curious, the following list is a Rosetta Stone of sorts, mapping each of WIT’s tips with a couple of lessons from The Digest.

It provides a pathway moving from learning about entrepreneurship in high school, to putting in action in the workplace as a young professional

Tip #1 – It’s a Choice

  • There Is Only One Reason Why, pp. 1
  • Advisors Inform. You Decide, pp. 55

Tip #2 – 10-10-10

  • Sleep On It, pp. 51
  • Work Quickly, pp. 52

Tip #3 – Can’t Want It More than You

  • When You Fail, Do More than Learn from It, pp. 54
  • There’s One More Thing We Can Try…, pp. 56

Tip #4 – Showing Up

  • Know the Lean DIET, pp. 4
  • Know Your Percentages When Negotiating, pp. 29

Tip #5 – Own It

  • Honesty. Don’t Fool Yourself, pp. 50
  • Don’t Lie, pp. 53

Tip #6 – Live in Alignment

  • When You Hire, Hire More for Resilience Than Skill, pp. 40
  • You Can Change Attitudes, pp. 42

Tip #7 – Step Into Your Greatness

  • Fit, pp. 8
  • Accept Criticism, pp. 41

Tip #8 – Set Yourself Up for Success

  • Connect to Value, pp. 7
  • Go Deep and Wide with Relationships, pp. 37

Tip #9 – KISS

  • Business Models Don’t Have to Be Complex, pp. 3
  • Always Take a Backup, pp. 36

Tip #10 – Make an Impression

  • Proofread, pp. 33
  • Write Smart, pp. 35

Tip #11 – Finish Strong

  • Anything Measured Improves, pp. 49
  • Always Be Pitching, pp. 67

One more thing, if you prefer Ebooks, then you can download a FREE, digital copy of The Digest.

We hope you enjoy!

Download Women in Tech Report

Women in Tech cover

The Women in Tech Entrepreneurship Report is a 60-page Ebook presenting the ground-breaking research and reporting by TechCrunch and its companion database CrunchBase, interlaced with additional personal reflections by more than half-a-dozen women entrepreneur and investors profiled in Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition.

You may download a copy of the Report at this link.

The Report is the result of a non-commercial effort to provide the current information about the participation of women in tech in an easy-to-read, consolidated Ebook format to the widest audience.

Thank you to brightly Interactive for cover and book design and Jennifer Wilson for interior layout and design.

Announcing The Digest and WIT Sponsorship

We’re thrilled to announce to important items of news today.

nc-2-coversFirst, we’re introducing a new edition in the series. Naturally Caffeinated: The Digest is a compact, 90-page book, available in two versions:

  • a PDF Ebook, and
  • a soft-back, print book

The Digest (for short) is the smaller cousin to the comprehensive, hard-back book, published by Weeva: The Community Edition.

The Digest is available immediately, in digital form, with pre-order requests for the printed version of the book requested through our Contact page, for now.

wit logoSecond, we’re announcing a partnership with the teen entrepreneurship nonprofit, WIT (short for “Whatever It Takes”).

WIT is the only 6-unit college credit social entrepreneur and leadership course in the country for high school teens.

Founded and led by CEO Sarah Hernholm, Sarah and WIT, which is headquartered in Southern California, were recently profiled in Inc. Magazine.

WIT kids

Proceeds from sales of Naturally Caffeinated: The Digest will be donated in support of the launch of a WIT program in Austin this Fall.

For more information, please read the news release on PRWeb.

And, if are interested in supporting entrepreneurship or have a teen that you think may be interested in the WIT program in Austin, please join a kick-off event Saturday, April 30, at the Impact Hub.


Austin: not just for music festivals


19 days 17 hours 49 min and counting until  one of the top five entrepreneur conferences, according to Inc. Magazine, hits Austin next month: the Small Business Festival.

Austin will be the host city for the inaugural festival, May 2-6, 2016, during National Small Business Week. Billed as the conference designed for  “helping small businesses grow big,” the organizers intend to prove that entrepreneurship in Austin is much more than just tech.

nc-book-abridgedSeveral of Naturally Caffeinated’s  contributors will be featured speakers during the Festival…

Starting on Wednesday May 4, Brett Hurt, co-founder of Bazaarvoice, will keynote the day’s program.

Following Brett’s address, Naturally Caffeinated’s author and book editor, Steve Guengerich, will lead a panel discussion on “Lessons Learned” in new ventures.

Two of the panelists joining Steve are also contributors to NC, including Andrew Chen, co-founder of Iris Plans and small business legend, Gary Hoover, founder of The Spark museum.

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Continuing on Thursday, May 5, NC contributor Kevin Koym will be leading a “Campfire Interactive Activity,” made famous at Tech Ranch Austin, the incubator he founded.

Finally, capping the day, professor David Altounian, MBA program director and entrepreneurship professor at St. Edward’s University, will deliver an afternoon keynote, highlighting his research into financial capital for new ventures, across key centers in the US.

In addition to all of the planned activities throughout the week, the Festival will also be a great networking opportunity for entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn from others in their industry or just those in similar stages of their business.

To register for any of the events open to the public or to register for the Premium Access program, go to:

We hope to see you there!!

Wrap-Up of TEDxYouth@Austin: In the Name of Innovation

TEDx Austin logoTEDx Austin kids

Thanks to the devoted passion of its student and volunteer leaders, paired with the drive for innovation from its sponsors, the fourth annual TEDxYouth@Austin experience was a resounding success this past Saturday, February 13, 2016.

Speakers, entrepreneurs, performers, and energized students alike, all gathered at the Westlake High School Performing Arts Center with one goal in mind: to share ideas.

The annual, local, self-organized, youth-driven event is just one out of more than 11,000 TEDx events held worldwide. This year, more than 1,000 passionate attendees from 85 Central Texas schools came together to share and learn what they love.

Sarah Hernholm, entrepreneur, teen coach, speaker, and founder of Doing Whatever It Takes and 360 Self Inc., reminded the many creative minds in the audience that when they are inventing, “The journey, and the space in between, is just as valuable as the answers.”

In the beautiful chaos of creation, one can often become too immersed in the goal of success, losing sight of the importance that is the process to attain it.

TEDx Austin sarah hernholm

This idea is something that lead author, Steve Guengerich, and the various successful entrepreneurs, featured in  Naturally Caffeinated, know all too well. That is why we were thrilled to donate a portion of the proceeds from the book to sponsor this year’s TEDxYouth@Austin 2016 program.

Our sponsorship, along with that of lead sponsor Entrepreneur’s Foundation and many others, gave curious students one-of-a-kind opportunities, like the interactive xLabThe xLab installations were designed to give students a hands- on experience with new technologies and concepts; perhaps even igniting an idea or two.

Rick Tumlinson’s stories of asteroid mining and space were another highlight moment of the many talks, stressing the importance of creative thinking and idea generation. As Rick said, describing a better tomorrow: “The future we give everybody can be incredible. It can be magnificent. And you can make it happen.”

TEDx Austin Rick Tumlinson

In conclusion, we are honored and humbled to have played a small role in an event that does so much for the personal and global development of Austin’s teenagers, all the while encouraging active thinking on current topics that affect people and the community.

Thank you to everyone who attended, organized, contributed, and participated in TEDxYouth@Austin 2016! From all of us here in Austin, we hope you will join us next year in the grand spirit of TED’s “Ideas worth sharing.”

Entrepreneurs. Founders. Now, Authors.


If you don’t have a copy of Naturally Caffeinated yet, you may be interested to know more about who the contributing authors to The Community Edition are?

Well, we are happy to oblige! Below, in alpha-order, are the names and brief bios of all of the book’s authors, from Austin, the US, and around the world.

SPECIAL NOTE: While the deadline for our holiday promotion is this weekend, Nov 15, you can still put the collective wisdom of these 70-plus men & women to work for you, by taking advantage of this VIP Client Package.

Naturally Caffeinated Contributors:

Altounian, David – Tech entrepreneur. Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship, St. Edward’s University. Partner, Capital Factory Partner. Co-founder, Motion Computing.

Bantuveris, Karen – Founder and CEO at VolunteerSpot. Former President at Radiance Learning. BA and MHA from Tulane University.

Barragan, Carlos – Founder of ZingPoints; Business Analytics Director at Xarvis, MBA from UT Austin, Computer Science from Cornell University.

Bear, Eric – Innovation Strategy & Patent Forensics. Capital Factory Partner. Blue Lapis Light President. Board of Directors at Chief Experience Officer, Inc.

Bezahler, Amber – NextGen CMO/Design Leader, THNK – School of Creative Leadership, TechBA. Entrepreneurial executive with over 20 years of experience.

Businelle, Greg – Managing Partner at BAP Turnkey.  IT and research positions as a consultant, project manager and director for BSG, Nielsen TV, and Idea.

Cauvin, Roger – Product strategist, blogger, downtown Austin dweller, and creator of the Dadnab service.

Charnas, Ian – Inventor, Engineer, Artist, Designer. Ian and his work have been featured in Wired, NPR, Popular Mechanics, NBC’s Today Show and more.

Chen, Andrew – Director of Product Management, Healthcare Group, Cognitive Scale. Co-founder, Iris Plans and Greater Good Labs. Early product manager at Bazaarvoice and Coremetrics.

Dahlke, Deborah Vollmer – BioScience EIR at Research Valley Innovation Center. DVD Associates CEO, a consulting firm focused on innovations in healthcare and tech.

Daugherty, Gordon – Capital Factory Managing Director & General Partner. Board Member of Chiron Health. High tech executive, angel investor and startup mentor.

Deshpande, Pia – TEDxYouth@Austin Ambassador Co-Lead and Outreach Lead, artist, writer, and crazy-idea maker.

Dyer, Ben – Serial and parallel entrepreneur. Founder of Peachtree Software. EIR at the Cockrell School of Engineering at UT Austin.

Erickson, Campbell – Ambassador, The AAT Project; co-founder, PurchaseMate; founder/director, Project Zilkr. Photographer, political geek, & occasional hippie looking to make change through entrepreneurship.

Eshraghi, Selina – Secretary, Westlake Global Policy Institute. Member, Westlake Student Council and Health Occupations Students of America.

Forrest, Hugh – Director of the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin. Other passions include the Boston Red Sox, reading, exercise when possible and sleep sleep sleep

Fowler, John – Director of Development at Appconomy. Experienced Technical Manager, Mobile Architect, Web Services Architect.

Freeland, Christa – Director at Powershift Group. Founder and CEO, The Dime Club. Former Marketing Specialist at Journyx.

Garrett, Blake – Founder and CEO at Aceable. Former Advisory Services Manager at EY. Program Co-Lead at Sxtyscnds’ Inc.

Gates, Robert – Entrepreneur who loves building and designing great online products and teams around the world. Founder of Landdox. Former GM, Panjiva.

Golab, Steve – Social Strategy Support at Lithium Technologies. Co-founder & CEO at FG SQUARED, Founder & Community Steward of GoLab Austin Coworkspace.

Goodner, Sam – Founder of Catapult Systems, Founder of Inquisite – The Human Insight Software Company. Husband. Father.

Gorsuch, Kimberly – Entrepreneur, Executive, Mother. Founder and CEO of Weeva. Former SVP, Operations of Rev Worldwide.

Goswami, Bijoy – Steward of Meaning Models: Human Fugue (2014), JOurneY (2013), ATXequation (2009), Bootstrap (2005), MRE (2004).

Green, Gregory – Innovation & Professional Services Advisor at NetWolves. Founder, SXSW Mentor. Futurist, engineer, marketer, entrepreneur and executive fixer.

Gruber, Frank – CEO at, formerly TechCocktail. Author: Advisor at TurboAppeal, ZuldiCo & ShopUmba. Founding member NextGenAngels.

Guengerich, Steve – Principal at Powershift Group. Managing Director at BroadBrush Ventures. Author/writer, startup mentor, entrepreneurship teacher, guitar player.

Gurley, Bill – General Partner at Benchmark Capital. Member, board of directors, Uber, GrubHub, Zillow, OpenTable, and many others.

Hand, Mark – Venture Partner at UnLtd USA. Adjunct Assistant Professor at The University of Texas at Austin LBJ School of Public Affairs.

Hernholm, Sarah – Founder/President at WIT – Whatever It Takes. President of My360Self, Inc. Teacher. Entrepreneur. Teen Coach.

Hill, Jeanette – Founder & CEO at Spot On Sciences. Former Director of Operations of Life Technologies. PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry from Washington University.

Hoover, Gary – Founder and CEO of The Spark Factory, Hoover’s Inc, TravelFest, and BOOKSTOP. Entrepreneurship Teacher at Hoover Academy.

Hurt, Brett – Founder of Bazaarvoice and Coremetrics. Owner at Hurt Family Investments. Chairman of the Board at Edgecase. Partner at Capital Factory.

Kopser, Joseph – Co-founder and CEO at RideScout. Limited partner at ATX Seed Ventures. Member, board of directors, CleanTX Foundation. Served in the U.S. Army for 20 years after graduating from West Point.

Inman, Admiral Bob – Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. U.S. Admiral who served in several influential positions in the U.S. Intelligence Community.

Inman, Tom – Partner and Managing Director at Limestone Capital Advisors. Principal at Gefinor Ventures. Former Lieutenant for the U.S. Navy.

Kawasaki, Guy – Chief evangelist at Canva. Co-founder, Garage Technology Ventures and author, 12 books. Formerly, advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google and chief evangelist at Apple.

Kouri, Matt – CEO at Mission Capital (formerly, Greenlights). Former Senior Manager at Deloitte. 2012 Austin Under 40 Winner.

Koym, Kevin – Founding Partner at Tech Ranch. Founder & CEO at Enterprise Teaming. Helping early stage tech entrepreneurs accelerate their ventures.

Lamis, Jonas – Co-Founder and CEO at Sensai. Co-Founder and Board Member at Rally. Co-Founder at Tech Ranch. Advisor at Blueseed.

Lindner, Gary – President & CEO at PeopleFund. COO at ACCION Texas. SVPat SWBC. AF Colonel – Command Pilot. Owner of 4L Ranch – Comfort, Texas.

Lipman, Adam – CEO at ThoughtLeadr Inc. Former COO at Chaotic Moon Studios. Former Associate Director of Training and Development at Genentech.

McClanahan, Kip – General Partner at Silverton Partners. Board Member at SpareFoot, WP Engine & KLRU-TV. Capital Factory Member. Former CEO at TippingPoint.

McCullough, Chelsea – Co-Founder & Director of Wake Up. Principal at Intercambio. Former Executive Director at Texas for Economic Progress.

McGee, Michael – Co-Founder of The Starter League. Former Student Body President at Northwestern University.

Menell, Bryan – Director at CrunchTime!. Co-Founder and Mentor at Capital Factory.  Co-Founder, Former President and Board Member at Perficient.

Merrill, Greg – SVP at Austin Footwear Labs. SVP of Business Development at Austin Rubber Company. Former Product Manager at Green Source Energy.

Milam, Joe – CEO of AngelSpan Inc. Founder and Former President at Legacy Capital Management. Founder at Angel Legacy.

Montgomery, Gordon – Founder, Principal and Executive Life Coach at GMETA Life and Business Coaching. Former COO & Master Coach at Modev.

Moore, Paul – Communication Director at Start Garden. Former Marketing and Communication Director for Pomegranate Studios and ArtPrize.

Nye, Calley – Co-Founder and CPO of GirlDev. Product Designer at Background in front-end development, user experience and marketing.

Papermaster, Steve – Chairman and CEO at Powershift Group. Co-Founder at Appconomy. Co-Founder at Nano Global Corp. Advisor at Neusoft. Co-Founder at JUCCCE.

Parkman, Barrett – Mobile Industry Entrepreneur and Connector. Co-Founder at Great Wall Club (GWC), Co-Producer and Program Curator at GMIC. HAXLR8R Mentor.

Patterson, Laura – President at VisionEdge Marketing. Former Director of Customer Marketing and Branding Strategy at Motorola.

Rauch, Andrew – Founder & Managing Partner at Venture+Philanthropy. Executive Partner at SalesOverdrive. Principal & Board of Advisors at Solid Green Companies.

Raymond, John – Founder and CEO at ImpactLab. Mentor at EdTech Action. Founder and CEO of PowerIT. Founder of TIELab (Technology in Education Laboratory).

Redinger, Kyle – Founder at LandStriker. Co-Founder at VividCortex. Founder at SuperFit Games. Co-Founder at Crossfit Charlottesville.

Reed, Lynette – Founder at Where Expectations Meet Reality. Writer, researcher and advisor on human potential for personal and organizational development.

Ressler, Shari – Founder and President at SKU. Co-Founder and President at MWR Legal. Founding Board Member of the Entrepreneurial Law Bar Association.

Rey, Alessandra – Social Media and Content Intern at RideScout. Journalism and Advertising major, University of Texas-Austin School of Communications.

Rice, David – Managing Partner at Paperclip Ventures. Investor at Investor and Mentor at Code Ninja.

Ryan, Jan – Partner, Capital Factory. Founder, Women@Austin. Co-founder, president at Social Dynamx, acquired by Lithium Technologies.

Schreiber, Nancy – Dean at the Munday School of Business, St. Edward’s University. Former Associate Dean at Undergraduate Business Programs at University of Dallas.

Singer, Thom – Known as The Conference Catalyst and the host of the Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do podcast. Thom brings enthusiasm to events!

Smith, Bob – Principal at Bridgepoint Consulting. Former Managing Partner, Austin office, at PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Sosa, Suzi – Co-Founder and CEO at Verb Inc. Former Executive Director at Dell Social Innovation Challenge. Associate Director for Programs at RGK Center.

Srinivasan, Rohit – Head of partnerships & financials for TEDxYouth@Austin. President of the Miracle Foundation Youth Chapter at Westlake High School.

Stringer, Hank – CEO at Stringer Executive Search. Co-Author of “Talent Force: A New Manifesto For the Human Side of Business.” Founder at

Sundaram, Anjali – Junior at Cedar Park High School. Social Media Lead of TEDxYouth@Austin. Writer for CPHS Wolfpack Newspaper.

Tate, Kerry – Partner at Moore-Tate Projects + Design. Senior Counsel at Civic Interest and Hahn, Texas. Former President at TateAustin.

Taylor, Ed – CEO and Founder at The Collective Group. Former member, board of directors, Concero. Former executive VP and co-owner at Pencom Systems.

Treybig, Jimmy – Venture Partner at New Enterprise Associates. Founder and CEO of Tandem Computers.

Zhao, Jason – Youth Entrepreneur. Project Manager at TEDxYouth@Austin. Co-Founder of 3DS Foundations and Project Zilkr. Westlake High School Class 2017.

Naturally Caffeinated Now On Amazon


You can now buy Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition, both versions – the Director’s Cut and the Abridged – on >> clicking here!

Who knows: if you are “lucky” and in a test market, your newly delivered book could be delivered by drone!