The Book

nc-book-abridgedThanks for your interest in Naturally Caffeinated: The Community Edition, the hard-back edition of the book.

Published by Weeva, The Community Edition is a beautiful, four-color print book that comes in two versions:

  • a Director’s Cut and
  • an Abridged version.

You can order them both here:

The Director’s Cut and Abridged versions are also both available on Amazon.

nc-authorsAbout The Community Edition

The Community Edition was designed to be a global, collaborative project for gathering “lessons learned” in entrepreneurship.

For 90 days, from June-August 2015, we sought out lessons from a diverse audience ranging from world-leading practitioners to the dedicated ecosystem of investors, attorneys, technology providers, and other support partners for entrepreneurs.

We chose to use the innovative digital publishing platform Weeva for documenting the lessons in The Community Edition because we love the product, their mission, and the team.

After we closed guest contributions in mid-August, we worked with Weeva to produce a beautiful, high-quality print edition book, available to anyone who wants their own, permanent copy of The Community Edition.

Our wish is that The Community Edition becomes an indispensable extension to student, practitioner, and educator libraries, offering lessons learned, advice, inspiration, and hard-earned wisdom, shared by entrepreneurs around the world.